COA Mission

Connecticut Opticians Association
Mission Statement

The mission of this Association is to:

A. Establish a body of recognized authority to deal with matters of interest to its members and to the citizens of the state;

B. Promote and maintain a high standard of honor and integrity within the profession;

C. Develop the interest of opticians in thought, precept and practice By encouraging national certification, state licensing, educational opportunities and advanced certification;

D. Promote the acceptance of opticianry as an integral part of the health care delivery system;

E. Support and evolve the interests of opticianry through legislative and regulatory efforts.

The objectives of this Association shall be to:

A. Promote a broader understanding and acceptance of professional opticianry as indispensable to the health and welfare of the general public in Connecticut;

B. Encourage, provide and promote standards of optical competence, knowledge and performance through the development of educational programs, training, and credentialing of optician personnel;

C. Promote advancement of the science and art of opticianry to provide state-of-the-art eye care to the public;

D. Promote legal recognition of opticianry within all state and federal health care programs and insurance providers for the dispensing of eyewear, contact lenses and other optical products to the public;

E. Promote and defend the right of every person to have the freedom of choice in selecting an optician provider for optical services;

G. Encourage a liaison with the board of examiners for opticians to promote objective task oriented testing for entry level knowledge and practical skills assessment.